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Happy Father's Day

I am leaving this page as a tribute to my Dad who has passed on.

Now for the last few times that I have sent you a card I have had pictures

of somebody fishing, hunting or something else I thought you would like to do.

But, as I too, am a father I thought I would send you some pictures of things

I like to do. Like body surfing or boogie boarding.

Besides, the reason I love surfing is because of you. Those trips to

Virginia Beach to visit Uncle Dale and Aunt Lucile and playing in the surf there

with you and then later during our Florida vacations it quickly became my favorite

sport. Even now my joy of those memories fills my eyes with tears of JOY.

Thanks for the memories Dad.

Besides, I know that the best Father's Day present my Girls could give me is to be happy

and I think these pictures show how happy I am. When people ask me how I am

I can truly say:

I am too Blessed to be Stressed.


Ok, so here I am showing off.

The Cajun Cowboy all by himself showing off

and then with his beautiful Carolina Girl.

No Card to display now as it got used!

You can cut this Shopping Card out and or just jot down

the account number and take it to Wal-mart and spend up to

$50.00 dollars for anything you like even if it is not

pictured here. Happy Father's day Dad. From:

Vincy Jr., Dannelle and the Girls


The useable part of the card has

already been cut out.

For one more picture, look below.





Lisa, my Wife Dannelle, Dylan Brown and Beth

(Father's day June 16th 2002)

They helped this to be the best Father's Day

I ever had.



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