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My Mom

Not only is she the Best Mom

but she is the Prettiest also!

Clara Tidwell

How in the world she put up with all of us

(That's 4 boys and 1 daughter)

I will never know!

She still looks young enough to be my sister

and I have gotten a lot of kidding to that affect.


I know I speak for all 5 of us when I say

We love you!

God Blessed us to be your children.

We just wished we could have done better.

We wished we had not caused you so

much worry and so much pain.

We are proud to say that we are glad

that we caused you to laugh enough to enjoy life.

That although we caused you to cry it was just

enough to help you appreciate a good laugh.

We all hope that although none of us grew up to

be the President of the United States

we hope we were a source of pride for you and

that at least you are glad none of us

didn't become a mass murder.

(Although I now know why some animals eat their Young)

(Ha, Ha)

Here is wishing you the Best Mother's Day

that you can have,

and to all those Mom's out there who visit this page

I pray that your children love you as much

as we love our Mom.

God Bless the Mothers of the USA


Tinker, Cliff, Kenny, Connie and Rod

(The Tidwell Bunch)


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