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Free Firewall

Secure Connection?

Free Virus Protection

Spiritually Speaking

To your Health:


Free Firewall

Do you have a firewall, are you on
the internet and unprotected? Then
go to Zone Alarm. com
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Secure Connection?

Do You have a secure connection to the
internet? Are your SHIELDS UP? If they are
then put them to the test at
Gibson's Research Corporation or
just learn how to protect yourself at's

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"It's Free." I am glad I learned how.
You will be glad too!
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Free Virus Protection

Do you Have any kind of Virus Portection?
If not, or if it is out of Date, then go to
www.GriSoft and get AVG 6.0 for free: or
Just click here to get
your free Anit Virus Software, with FREE
Monthly Updates! What else could you ask for?

or try Zone Alarm Security Suite, that is my present Choice.

at: Zone Alarm. com

I have been using Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite since 2015, it is the Best in my opinion!

It is the most cost productive for me and our 5 computers.

Do you have a web site of your own?
To Learn more about promoting your
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Spiritually Speaking:

God doesn't want shares of your life - He Wants a controlling interest.

<--Go to

Give God what's right - not what's left.

Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to Church for a faith lift.

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To your Health:

Everyone wants to know what is good for his or her health.

Some obvious examples are:

  1. .We need good air. (No pollutants)
  2. .We need good water. (again No pollutants)
  3. .We need energy in the form of calories from food.
    Our caloriec intake should consist of no more than
    25-30% fat, 17-20% protein and the rest should
    be complex carbohydrates.
  4. .We need nutrients that are bio-available.(usable)
  5. .We need exercise everyday.
  6. .We need sleep. (Now that I am retired this is easier)
  7. .We need Sunshine
  8. .We need clothing and shelter.
  9. .LAST BUT NOT LEAST, no one is an island.
    We all need someone to love, and to love us.

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...But few people ask what are we to avoid?
...Some not so obvious things
...that are bad for us are:

  1. .We do not need a lot of Milk; it does not do a body good.
    ....It coats, the stomach and prevents the absorption
    ....of good nutrition. (? sorta) For more info click below
    ....If you have to drink it,
    then Lactose Free milk,..
    .....or try
    "Rice Dream", it is only 1% Fat
    .....Non-Dairy milk like drink, like Slik's Cashew milk 
    .....that comes in Vanilla and Chocolate that
    .....actually taste good by itself or in cereal.
    .....It is also lactose free. Try it you'll like it.
  2. .We do not need refined sugar. It is a killer,
    a little honey can go along way.
  3. .We do not need table salt (even sea salt
    .....should be taken only in moderation) as the source of salts and minerals is Fruits
    .....and Vegetables)
  4. .We do not need Enriched Flours. Use only
    .....whole grain flour, either home made or from
    .....the health food store. For a real taste treat
    Ezekiel Bread with or with out cinnamon rasins
  5. .We certainly do not need hydrogenated oils.
    .....They too coat the stomach and prevent the
    .....absorption of nutrition.
    Try Olive Oil instead
  6. .Ok, I know some of ya, like myself enjoy a good
    .....brew ever now and then. Alcohol is not good for
    .....the body, so try a Non-Alcoholic brew like
    .....It actually has more nutrional value than most of
    .....your so called sports drinks like Gator Aide.
  7. We should not combine protiens and vegetables together the same meal, nothing gets digested then. For more info.
    ..... click Food Combining "The Chemistry of eating."

  8. We do not need Fluoride nor Glycerine in our toothpaste see:
    Dental Health use ECO DENT Baking Soda Toothpowder instead!
    We like the Mint, but you have 4 flavors to choose from.

So there you have it the good with the bad.
Choose the good for life or
the bad to die slowly. The choice is yours,
choose wisely.

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What Scams are out there? If you suspect one,
then click here to go to World Wide Scam .Com

or try

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