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You may need
a good Group Mailer Program, try
"Group Mail Programs."

If your ever in Monroe, La. be sure to check out:

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Home Shield Coatings


Home Shield Coatings

To see more about the three step process
of having a house coated by
Home Shield Coatings
So Sorry....

It is true that the local Greensboro Company Home Shield Coatings did a great job on

 our house, but it has come to our attention that:

1.  They did not actually represent the true Company that is based in Illinois and that they were a bit of a scam.

2.  That they are no longer in business as they were about to be sued by the true Home Shield Company and

that they do not have any representatives in this state nor do they do business in this state as yet.

Now this is the latest Picture of our home now, we lost the Willow Tree...



but we added a rose garden, where the willow was.


Cool, right?

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How to Reduce your risk of Cancer:

National Institutes of Health

National Cancer Institute
On How to reduce your risk of Cancer.

5 Facts

Want to be in on some hot news??
The word is that there are lots of reasons to
eat more fruits and vegetables. You may
already know that fruits and vegetables:

  • * are low in calories and fat
    * are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber
    * taste great

But, did you know that:
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables
as part of

  • * a low-fat, high-fiber diet may help reduce
    cancer risk?

And, did you know that:

  • * Fruits and vegetables are the original fast
    and easy food?

Getting 5 or more servings of fruits and
vegetables a day is important to help you
maintain your health. It's as simple as
counting to five.

Reach for 5

Out of sight means out of mind.
Make fruits and vegetables more
Visible at home and at work:

  • * Keep a fruit bowl on the kitchen
    Counter, table or at the office.
    * Store fruits and vegetables on a
    top shelf of the refrigerator

5 Count 'Em Up What's a serving of fruits and vegetables?

A serving is:

  • * 1 medium fruit or
    1/2 cup of small or cut-up
    * 3/4 cup of 100% fruit
    * 1/4 cup dried fruit
    * 1/2 cup raw or cooked
    * 1 cup raw leafy
    vegetables (such as
    lettuce, spinach)
    * 1/2 cup cooked beans or
    peas (such as lentils, pinto
    beans, kidney beans)

Surveys show that most people are already
eating 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So, getting to 5 or more a day is easier than you think.

Here's how easy it can be to add 2 servings a day. Add a low-fat salad to lunch and crunch on an apple for a snack, and you've just done it. The possibilities are endless. Take a minute during the day and count up how many fruits and vegetables you've had already. Then you can plan for the other servings during the rest

5 A Day--Right Away

Everyone's hungry, and they want dinner now.
What can you do to help get dinner ready quickly?

  • *Make vegetables part of a quick dinner.
    Microwave or steam them-it only takes minutes.
    *Add fruit-a quick , easy dessert.


Other information on Health issues can be found at:

Life Extension

just click the banner above to check them out.

For new and exciting moments from the

 Radio Broadcast of:

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