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Shields Up?

Antioxidant Shield that is.

Do you want to protect yourself against aging and destructive
degenerative disorders? Develop an antioxidant shield!

Antioxidants are phyto nutrients which occur naturally in whole foods
and are essential to health and the prevention of most degenerative
diseases. Current research emphasizes the importance of balance and
synergy when it explains their function. Dr. Lester Packer, co-author
of the "The Antioxidant Miracle", refers to this synergy as the
"antioxidant network", which explains how certain antioxidants
enhance and support each other within the network. But the greatest
miracle of all is that all these antioxidants can be found in the
produce section of your local grocery store and of course
a "Whole Food Based Supplement".

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Dr. Corcoran is a graduate of Georgetown University School of
Medicine  He began his medical career with the U.S. Air Force , where
he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. For the past 30 years he
has been in private practice as an OBYGN in Lancaster,

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